Your turn

Your turn

Each turn consists of two stages. On this page you can see how to correctly play your turn. Turns in Pokémon Life are very flexible, so you'll find that you can do many things whenever you like during your turn.

Stage one: Moving

Before doing anything else, you have to move at the start of your turn.

During this stage, you may use abilities and items (such as Full Restores or Miracle Stones). If you have no abilities or items to use, you have to throw the move dice. After throwing the move dice, you may use abilities or items (such as Bill and Prof. Oak) to adjust the outcome of the move dice.

When you are done using abilities to change the outcome of the move dice, you have to move across the board. You have to move as many tiles forward as the value of the move dice (unless you have used an ability that lets you move backwards instead). If you pass a Pokémon Center or other special tile, you instantly receive its perks. You cannot change the outcome of the move dice once you started moving.

This stage ends once you land on a tile.

Stage two: The tile

During this stage you may once again use abilities or items when you see fit. When you are done using abilities or items, you have to execute the tile you landed on. If you don't know what to do on the different tiles, visit this page.

Other players cannot use abilities or items when it's not their turn, but there are a few exceptions. During a duel, other players may use battle items and abilities, but not abilities that cannot be used during battle. When you draw a card from the Event pile, other players may use select abilities to also execute that Event card.

After executing the tile you may use abilities or items once more, after which your turn ends. If you remember that you forgot something after your turn has ended, the rule is that you can no longer do it, but this depends on the seriousness of the game.

Created by Emiel van Lankveld