Event Card List


When you draw a Trainer card from the Event pile, you have to battle using one Pokémon. If you are victorious, you receive your reward. This reward depends on which Trainer you defeated. There are a dozen Trainers, with many unique rewards.

Trainer card rarity: Common

Wild Pokémon

When you draw a Wild Pokémon card from the Event pile, you may try and capture it just as on a grass tile. You have to throw the capture dice and hope you catch the Pokémon, or you may use Abilities to affect the process. There are dozens of different unique Wild Pokémon to be captured from the Event pile.

Wild Pokémon card rarity: Common

Team Rocket

Prepare for trouble! When you draw a Team Rocket card, you are in for a bad time. There are three different Team Rocket encounters:

  • Card one: You have to run five tiles forward to escape from Team Rocket! The effects of the tile you land on are still triggered as usual
  • Card two: If you throw 1/3, you have to hand over two of your items to Team Rocket
  • Card three: If you throw 1/3, you have to hand over 20 Master Points to Team Rocket. Badges and Pokémon do not count as Master Points.

Team Rocket card rarity: Uncommon


When you draw this card, you have to throw the Market dice in order to receive an item. There are three different Market cards:

  • Market one: PokéBall (2), Full Restore (3), PlusPower (4), Nugget (5)
  • Market two: Gust of Wind (1,2), Defender (3), Miracle Stone (4), Bill (5,6)
  • Market three: PlusPower (1,2), PokéBall (3), Miracle Stone (4), Defender (5,6)

Market card rarity: Common


You may instantly heal all of your Pokémon!

PokéCenter card rarity: Rare


When you draw this card, you receive a Pokémon that is capturable on a grass tile in your current area. You cannot choose to receive Legendary Pokémon

Breeder card rarity: Rare

Angry Voltorb

You have to skip your next turn.

Voltorb card rarity: Rare

Outraged Magnemite

You have to remove a charge from one of your Pokémon. This means either depleting an unused charge from one of your Pokémon, or removing an earned charge from one of your Pokémon (such as Eevee and Scyther).

Magnemite card rarity: Rare

Frenzied Beedrill

In order to escape the Beedrill you have to run three tiles back. The tile you land on is triggered as usual.

Beedrill card rarity: Rare

Wild Weezing

You have to instantly knock out two of your Pokémon when you draw this card.

Weezing card rarity: Rare

Mr. Fuji

When you draw Mr. Fuji, you may give him one of your Pokémon and he will give you half its value in Master Points in return. For example, if you give Mr. Fuji your Pinsir, you will receive 40 Master Points (85 / 2 = 42.5). If you give Mr. Fuji your Exeggcute, you will receive 30 Master Points (50 / 2 = 25) and a Nugget, since you are releasing said Pokémon.

Mr. Fuji card rarity: Rare


When you draw this card, every play has to hand over an item.

Lass card rarity: Rare

Teleportation Device

You may instantly teleport to the current location of another player. The tile you land on is triggered as normal.

Teleporter card rarity: Rare

Oak's Assistant

Prof. Oak wants each trainer to have equal chances. The trainer(s) with the lowest amount of PokéBalls may buy a PokéBall for the price of one item. PokéBalls received at a Dept. Store do not count as PokéBalls when deciding your amount of PokéBalls. If every trainer has the same amount of PokéBalls, nobody may buy a PokéBall.

Oak's Assistant card rarity: Uncommon

Legendary Pokémon

Throw the capture dice to capture either Raikou, Entei or Suicune! These Legendary dogs will flee after you throw the capture dice once, so you can't use rethrow abilities!

Legendary Pokémon card rarity: Extremely Rare