Victory Card List

Master Points

Drawing this card simply grants you a minor amount of Master Points. There are several versions of this card, each granting a different amount of Master Points. These are the amount of Master Points you can receive:

  • 10 Master Points: Common
  • 20 Master Points: Common
  • 30 Master Points: Uncommon
  • 60 Master Points: Rare

Victory Pokémon

Drawing this card gives you the chance to receive one of the Victory Pokémon. This does not count as capturing, and you can not use any Abilities to affect this process. There are several different Victory Pokémon cards:

  • Throw 2 or 4 card: Uncommon (Pokémon: Eevee, Seel, Magnemite, Doduo, Koffing, Gligar)
  • Throw 1 or 6 card: Uncommon (Pokémon: Growlithe, Sunkern, Tyrogue, Girafarig, Magnemite, Mysterious Fossil)
  • Throw 3 or 5 card: Uncommon (Pokémon: Scyther, Krabby, Ekans, Spearow, Voltorb, Kangaskhan)

Each of these cards give unique and different Victory Pokémon.

Gift Pokémon

Drawing this card grants you the right to choose one Victory Pokémon to receive as a gift. There are two different versions of this card:

  • Card one: Rare (Eevee, Scyther, Spearow, Seel, Krabby, Voltorb, Magnemite, Ekans, Kangaskhan)
  • Card two: Rare (Girafarig, Doduo, Growlithe, Magnemite, Koffing, Sunkern, Mysterious Fossil, Gligar, Tyrogue)

Free items

When you draw these cards you receive two items. There are several different item cards:

  • Full Restore and Gust of Wind: Uncommon
  • PlusPower and Defender: Uncommon
  • Bill and Prof. Oak: Uncommon
  • Miracle Stone or PokéBall: Uncommon


You lucky bastard...

Gift Magikarp

You may add as many Magikarp to your team as you like when you draw this card. If only James from Team Rocket would buy one for 500 Master Points...

Gift Voltorb

You may add a Voltorb to your team!

Gift Wooper

You may add a Wooper to your team!

Event Frenzy

You have to draw three Event cards. You may decide in which order you follow their instructions.

Victory Frenzy

You have to draw three Victory cards. You may decide in which order you follow their instructions.


If you throw a 2 with the dice, you may add Celebi to your team! You cannot use any Ability to influence this process (except for Omastar and Kabutops).

Created by Emiel van Lankveld