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Pokmon: Articuno

Battle Points: 11

Master Points: 160

Classification: Legendary Pokmon

Ability (Active): When you land on an event tile, you may draw two cards once and choose which cards to execute and which to discard.

Charges: Unlimited

Evolutionary Chain: Articuno

Capture Location: Bicycle Bridge

Rules and Tricks: This ability cannot be combined with other Event pile abilities (such as Xatu and Mantine). You cannot use this ability when you have to draw an Event card and you did not land on an Event tile. If you choose to discard one or both cards, other players are still affected by them and can still use abilities on those cards (such as Ninetales). When executing both cards, you may choose which card to execute first.

Trivia: In older versions of Pokmon Life, the three legendary birds had identical abilities and could all be caught at the Mysterious Cave.